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Thank you for your interest in becoming a new patient! 


At this time Dr. Young is not accepting new patients. He is not a Primary Care Physician (PCP). 


To apply to become a new patient please read our "office policies" then call 503-371-1558 

and our receptionist will be happy to get you started. 

The new patient forms that will be needed should be printed and filled out before your visit with Dr. Young. They can be found here.


In addition to the necessary forms, a $100 deposit is to be sent in advance toward your first visit. If you cancel or no-show with less than 48 hours (two working days), your deposit will not be refunded. 


Please Note: Dr. Young does not accept Medicare, Medicaid, Workers Compensation or motor vehicle insurance related claims at this time. He is opted out of Medicare but does see Medicare-aged patients who sign a Private Contract that can be found under "Download Forms"


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